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Christchurch Hobbyist Beekeepers Honey Show

The 2019 Honey Show will be held at the AGM, so do come along and enter your hive products.

We have a wide range of bee products, beekeeping inventions, and photos.

All classes are for hobbyists with less than 40 hives. A shield is awarded to the entrant with the most points overall and a novice shield is awarded to a first or second year beekeeper. (This must be stated at the time).

General Rules:

• Members may only have one entry per class. If required, guidance will be given as towhich class your entry should be exhibited in. The judges decision will be final.

• Exhibits must be delivered at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the judging.

• Liquid and creamed honey and pollen must be in standard 500 gm square or round plastic jars with white lids.

• No labels on jars.

• Only exhibits from Financial members will be accepted.

• Write your initials (which may be on a small sticky label) on the BASE of the exhibit.


1. Dark honey creamed

2. Dark honey liquid

3. Light honey creamed

4. Light honey liquid

5. A cut, boxed section of wooden or plastic foundation capped honey

6. Wax blocks 500 gm minimum weight

7. Mead 750 ml clear glass bottle

8. Pollen 500 gm square “round”

9. Edible items that include products from the hive (could include honey cake, propolis lozenges etc)

10. Non edible bee related crafts (e.g. candles, bee jewelry etc)

11. No 8 Wire class – inventions and gadgets

12. Bee related photograph which must be a photo taken by yourself

Details of each class

1 & 2. Dark honey or light creamed honey The entrant is to decide which class to enter.

The judge will take notice of flavour, colour, fineness of grain and freedom from foreign material. Please remember to obtain standard show jars. The reason for this uniformity is that different types of jars have varying light densities depending on the thickness of the glass.

3 & 4. Liquid honey light or dark same criteria as above.

5. Sections wooden or plastic. Points awarded for flavour, comple-tion of capping and freedom from travel stains. Entrants are urged to present their exhibits to the best advantage. E.g. propolis should be removed and the woodwork cleaned by sanding or other means. Exhibits to be in clear plastic comb section boxes. Plastic rounds or squares must have clear plastic covers.

6. Wax -each exhibit must be at least 500gms in weight and from this season. It must be presented as tipped from the mould; points will be lost for chipping or scraping. The Judge will look for colour, texture and purity. No restriction as to the shape of the mould. Entrants are advised not to heat wax in iron or enamel containers as this can discolour the wax, for prefer-ence use an aluminium container. Do not overheat the wax; strain through stocking or similar; cool very slowly as this makes for uniformity of texture and freedom from cracking. Avoid propolis as this tends to darken the wax. Pure bees wax only to be used. One tea-spoon of vinegar helps to clarify wax.

7. Mead 750 ml clear glass bottle with removable cork or screw top.

8. Pollen must be dried with debris removed.

9. Baked goods -minimum of 1 plate of baked goods or sufficient other edible product for the judges to assess adequately.

10. Bee related products , must be hand-crafted -can be made of any material, or art work, e.g. poster, short story, poem.

11. Inventions and gadgets to be used in relation to beekeeping.

12. Photographs must be at least A5 in size, unframed, colour or mono.


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